Marche Bacchus, Summerlin, NV

A scenic patio brunch on the dazzling Lake Jacqueline makes you feel like you are anywhere but Las Vegas! With a gentle breeze and the sparkling sunshine, this beautiful setting has the power to make you feel as if you were on “a vacation within a vacation”!

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The fairly reserved but tempting menu made it a bit tricky for me to decide what to order! Finally, I decided that for starters I would share the Seared foie gras (wild mushrooms, sweet onions, aged balsamic vinegar) with Alyssa.

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It may not look like that nice of a presentation, but the taste seems to differ. With the sweet, slightly burnt, and very rich taste and fatty oil, everything contributes nicely to the dish’s overall essence. The addition of mushrooms added texture, while the salad was almost like a garnish, except for, as the French would do: eat everything on your plate!!

Moules Frites (mussels, shallots, white wine, butter, garlic, pommel frites)

photo 2-4photo 3-4

This dish – which actually originates from Belgium – is a favourite among dishes served in restaurants all over France. There are many ways this can be prepared: marinières (described above with the addition of parsley), parquées (raw mussels on half shell with lemon-mustard sauce), à la bière (beer used as substitute for white wine), and à l’ail (mussels are cooked with garlic). Of course, these are just some of the standard possibilities as there are countless other variations which exist/are yet to come.

These were not too overdone in terms of seasoning and taste development: they stuck close to a raw taste of the sea, and the creamy, cheesy broth was fantastic! A bit too thick and rich to drink, but dip the crispy fries into the mix and you’ll be deeply satisfied.

Seasonal gelato/sorbet (pistachio and chocolate) – James Beard Award Winning Chef Luciano Pellegrini’s Seasonal Creations.

photo 4-2


The James Beard Foundation is at the center of America’s culinary community, dedicated to exploring the way food enriches our lives.

Read more here.

This ice cream was so good! Perfect balance of sweet, and the flavour was very prominent. The pistachio really reminded me of the ice cream I had at Ladurée, New York, back in August.

A casual place with an edge of sophistication and class, very impressive view, and calming ambiance. Our server was also very nice and not overly intruding. He explained things without adding any unnecessary comments (droning on and on), but towards the end also managed to strike up some friendly conversation. Overall a lovely experience worth the drive!



Would come back?


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  1. Mimi Tang says:

    Hi alexus, You wrote this right? How come it is showing Alyssa? Looks so good! love, Mah Sent from my Ipad

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