Momiji, Seattle, Washington, USA


After a tiring two hour flight from Las Vegas to Seattle, I had only eaten a displeasing cold sandwich, which I’d purchased at the airport. My stomach beseeched for a delicious meal! Lucky for me, my dad made reservations to dine at this cool Japanese sushi restaurant called  Momiji (which means Japanese maple tree).

This place has a hip urban feel to it. When you first arrive, you can see a bar filled with tons of bottles and some huge beige circular  lights hanging above. You then walk through a long hallway with wooden walls formed in rectangular shapes. This leads you to a nice open space, which is where my family and I sat. The lights are dim, and jazz music plays quietly in the back. Outside to my right was a beautiful Japanese styled garden, with a shingled roof, exotic trees, nicely placed rocks, and bamboo sticks composed to make a small water fountain. To my left, you see the chefs preparing the food.Generally speaking, the atmosphere here is lovely.

On a side note, the service is fantastic. Our server was so friendly and helpful with choosing what to order. Really a delight.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience. The food was divine and so creative. A must-go-to kinda place!


Chefs preparing food



Uni nigiri


This is really good! The uni is creamy and the rice is sticky, with that vinegar flavour. Something light to start off with.

King crab tower, Garlic short ribs and Kurobuta no Kakuni


King crab tower (on the left, inside a white bowl): this is so refreshing. It’s a cold dish with a nice crunch from the cucumber and caviar, but is mainly mushy, due to the snow crab. Packed with avocado, pico de gallo in yuzu citrus ponzu, and cilantro aioli with black tobiko. A swell combination, resulting in a burst of tastiness.

Garlic short ribs (to the right, on the white plate): Beef short ribs with garlic soy glaze and taro chips on the side. The meat is chewy and has a simple flavour. You can identify a hint of grilled barbecue taste. The chips were very delicious!

Kurobuta no Kakuni: Taking a first bite into the warm braised pork shoulder, the meat falls apart easily between your teeth.It’s so tender! The broth has a hint of mustard, but is also a bit sweet. Yum!


Chicken Karaage, momiji roll and moonraker


Chicken Karaage (on the blue plate): Not the best chicken. I mean, it’s alright, but it’s plain. Needs more salt or some sort of seasoning and a crunchier outer layer. Wouldn’t order this again.

Momiji roll (to the left on the skinny rectangle plate): LOVE when rolls are bite size! It’s such a bonus, because you can capture all flavours and ingredients in one chew. That’s why I really like the rolls here. This is kind of like a california roll with salmon and caviar on top. It was good. The rice has that nice seasoning that all sushi places should have.

Moonraker (on the right plate): This was a sweet tasting roll with a dash of spice (jalapeño citrus sauce). The yellowtail has been seared (which you can taste) and is topped off with snow crab and black tobiko. Another amazing roll.


Oscar night

photo-26 photo-29

My favourite roll! The aburi flavour is soo scrumptious. Pop one of these in your mouth and immediately taste the yummy  sour sauce. A tad chewy, but I like it that way. This has scallops, grilled oyster mushrooms, shiso, asparagus and ume. Unfortunately it’s one of their specialty rolls, on the fresh/special list.


Wild Ivory Salmon


This is very different from your regular. The texture is extremely soft and the salmon is pretty oily. A fatty slice of goodness though.

For dessert…

Gateau Chocolat and the Seasonal Special


On the left: This is a cold chocolate slice of cake. Sweet, rich and dense. Not the best chocolate cake, but still satisfying.

On the right: A custard cake, with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Dense, moist and not as sweet as the chocolate. 



See more at:

Momiji Sushi Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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