Yusho, Las Vegas, Nevada



Yusho, the trendy new Japanese restaurant located in the Monte Carlo hotel has already gained major attention and publicity. Being only a week old, this place has become a cool hangout spot to eat and chat. On a warm spring night, my family and I wandered outside to the patio to enjoy our dinner. There were square white tables and simple dark brown chairs. The service here was extremely enthusiastic and friendly; especially since they just opened. Our waiter consistently checked up on us to see how we were doing, and asked if we ever needed anything.  Although the taste of the food wasn’t outstanding, their dishes were pretty creative and the portions were a satisfying size.

Table setting


Pork buns


This is pork shoulder, with house made kimchi, cilantro and peanuts. Taking a first bite, you immediately indulge the familliar taste of cilantro, spicy kimchi, and a tad too-salty pork. The bun was cold and the meat was barely warm. I’ve had better; this didn’t have that fantastic kinda taste I was hoping for . Tips: It’s a saucy dish, so make sure to wipe your mouth after!

Cod buns


This is a messy dish. You know the kind where you have to keep on putting the ingredients back inside the bun, because they keep on falling? Yeah, that’s what it’s like while eating this. The crispy cod was hot (temperature-wise) and the jalapeño was spicy. Even thought they added yuzu mayo to the cod, it still wasn’t very flavourful. Also the cucumbers inside were barely noticeable to my tongue.  The fish needed some sort of zesty flavour, such as lemon or lime.



I very much enjoyed this dish, probably my favourite from this restaurant. The chewy octopus had a nice lemony flavour, and the haricot vert gave a pleasantly fresh and crunchy touch. A yummy creamy sauce surrounded the noodles and enoki mushrooms balanced everything together.

Crab fried rice


Here we have warm pieces of crab, king trumpet mushrooms, and eggplant. The rice was a bit spicy, so the ginger tasting broth helped cool down the burning sensation. This was appetizing and tasty.

Logan poser ramen


Interesting use of ingredients. The broth was sour tasting, probably because they incorporated slices of pickles, and it also had a mustard-like taste to it as well. Something different from usual. Preferably, I enjoy a more traditional ramen such as a miso base broth. The noodles had a good chewy texture, and the pork was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Duck Breast


This is the duck breast with shiitake mushrooms, marmalade and scallion. The duck was tender and juicy, and it was wrapped around some fairly large mushrooms. The marmalade was very sweet. Good dish.

Chicken Wings


Here we have a remarkably soft chicken, with lime and house made bonito salt. The exterior of the chicken had a hint of sweetness, and the lime gave it a small sour taste. The seasoning wasn’t extremely  strong, just mild.

For dessert…



This has tofu, sweet potato, rosemary sugar, candied ginger and hazelnuts. The warm doughnut itself was crunchy on the outside and cake-like on the inside. It had more of a calm taste, because it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet; which I liked.



This is a delightfully refreshing dish. The texture  was like frozen yogurt, but the taste was of bitter coffee. As you place a house made pop rock into your mouth, the taste becomes increasingly sour! I suggest eating them with the ice cream, rather than alone (unless you’re a fan of sour). The dessert also had nori and caramel.



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