Art of flavors (gelato), Las Vegas, NV

Art of flavors is a wonderful place to go if your looking for some very delicious gelato. Not only is the gelato good, but the service is friendly too. When we first arrived, immediately the lady offered us a variety of samples. This consist of pistachio, peanut butter, cookies and cream, sweet corn, hazelnut, fior di latte and lots more. The first sample I tried, I was blown away by how yummy it was. The flavor and texture (smooth and creamy) were on point. For example, when you take a bite out of the cherry gelato, it actually tastes like your eating a cherry! It was pretty tough choosing which gelato to go with, because all of the samples were so good. I really like how they have interesting flavors(such as basil, mac and cheese, avocado, pear and gorgonzola, crème brulee, cinnamon rolls etc…) and I also love that they change it up and add new flavors every so often. Their ingredients  are only the best. They only use ingredients imported from Italy and local  dairy products. They also make it homemade. You can really tell the owner cares about the quality and taste of his gelato.

Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 046


This gelato definitely beats any from Vancouver, even Bella Gelateria, the supposedly winner of the 2012 Florence Italy Gelato festival. The gelato itself is just fantastic, even if some of the flavors are unordinary. Plus, the service is good too. I would say this is the best gelato I’ve had so far. My family and I came back multiple times and it never disappoints. I’d absolutely recommend coming here. Next time I’m in Vegas, I’d obviously be going here again.



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