Picasso, Las Vegas, NV


On Christmas day, my family and I dinned at the fancy restaurant, Picasso. They’ve earned themselves an impressive 2 Michelin stars, and the AAA Five-Diamond award. When we were seated, I noticed the fine artworks of Picasso hanging everywhere, and the main colors inside were whites and beiges. The lights were dim, the music was soft and the utensil ware was authentic (French setting, and facing downwards). The service was great. The food came immediately and they were very quick to take our plates away. Also, there was a specific person for most things (example: give us bread and pour the water). At the end of our dinner, they even gave us mini complimentary chocolate chip muffins as a gift – yum!

For this dinner, you will always end up with a tasting menu, so prepare for something a bit pricey!

For the amuse bouche:

Potato leek soup with quail croquette


This was good, but not too memorable for me. The soup was hot and creamy, while the quail was crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside. I’ve had a lot of great amuse-bouches like this before.

Alaskan  king crab (Potato mousseline and Jus de Veau)


The king crab was warm and tender. The mash potatoes were good too. At first, I thought it was weird to pair mashed potatoes with crab, but they surprisingly went well together. I still think Sun Sui Wah’s king crab is unbeatable, but this was still very good.

Sautéed “A” Steak of foie gras (roasted almonds and rhubarb puree)


This was good, but not the best I’ve had. It was creamy, rich and butter like (texture). Underneath there was roasted quince, which basically tastes like a pear. I personally thought this could’ve been better if the portion size of the foie gras wasn’t so big, because I thought it was too much or maybe add something to balance it out.

Braised Idaho waygu short rib (Mashed celery root with vegetables)


Again, this was very good. The waygu was cooked perfectly (medium rare), super super soft and fell apart with utmost ease as you start cutting into the mea. The vegetables were soft, especially the mashed celery root. This dish is very filling, so I suggest if your not a big eater to order the dish, because by the end of this meal, I was stuffed!

Citrus bombe


This was yummy. The tangerine and blood orange ice cream was refreshing. The sauces (Chambord syrup, tangering marmalade and raspberry sauce) gave it a more citrus and sweet taste. Also had a pretty presentation.


The service was definitely Michelin worthy and the restaurant itself was lovely in it’s classic . The food was good, but it didn’t “wow” my taste buds, or necessarily exceed my expectations. I mean, this restaurant is great if you love real traditional French dinning, but I prefer more modern and innovative dishes and atmosphere. For example, l’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. But that’s just my personal preference. Still a nice place to eat, but I wouldn’t come back, because it’s a bit pricey and there’s so much more places to discover and try! Good experience.



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