Lobster Me, Las Vegas, NV



Located among the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops across from Bebe, this stop for a quick casual snack is delicious! I was thinking that the Best lobster roll in the world statement under the company name was an exaggeration, but after I took a bite of this $23 wonder, I softened my judgment and considered that this could possibly be true. Although I haven’t had many lobster rolls like this – we had the “Maine Style”, and it’s really just lobster in a hot dog bun – I must say that this was really good! The lobster was fresh, surprisingly not so sickeningly fishy like other lobster I’ve had, and the seasoning was very tasty – although a bit salty. The bread actually really stood out because it was toasted in such a nice way that really made a crunch with a nice buttery distinctive taste whenever you took a bite.

Just thought I’d mention this interesting place :) I would like to come back and try the lobster mac and cheesy, the lobster waffles, or how about the grilled cheese? Any thoughts, or other suggestions for this place? Leave your comments below!!



See more at:
Lobster ME on Urbanspoon

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