Big Wong, Las Vegas, NV

Big Wong is an authentic Chinese restaurant, located in Chinatown. First of all, let me just say that if you enjoy eating Chinese cuisine you should most definitely check out Big Wong because the food is amazing! It’s cheap and extremely delicious. Second of all, if you do decide to visit this place – which I’m hoping you are – you must order the beef ramen. You’d be foolish not to. All I can say is the beef ramen was one of the best things my tongue has ever tasted.

Beef curry with roti pancakes

Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 007 Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 013

This was good. The roti was sweet, while the curry was mild spicy, making it a nice balance of flavor between the two. I would recommend eating rice with the curry as well, because the rice absorbs the sauce and also evens the taste.

Beef ramen

Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 009 ,

When I took my first gulp of the broth I was amazed. Imagine taking a sip of warm luscious sweet flavorful beef broth. Immediately afterwards, take your wooden chop sticks and pop a very small piece of perfectly cooked tender beef into your mouth, and finally, munch down on some yummy chewy noodles. Everything was perfect individually, but when put together, a masterpiece is created. Loved this dish so much! Highly recommend ordering.

 Authentic hoi nam chicken over special seasoned rice

Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 011 Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 012

This was good too. The chicken didn’t have a bold taste (just simple chicken flavor) and the rice was I’m pretty sure cooked with garlic (it tasted different from regular white rice. A bit saltier). When eaten together, it’s tasty; especially with the condiments given.

Salt and pepper chicken wings

Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 014

Another good dish. I like these salty wings, but I’ve also had better.

Almond pudding

Las Vegas Dec 2013 2012-06-27 017

This dessert really reminded me of a dish my grandmother used to make (almond jello). They taste very similar except this one is more pudding-like (as said in the description). It’s cold, smooth and milky sweet. There’s lychee too. It was pretty good.


Really fast service, outstanding authentic Chinese food, and really affordable.



See more at:

Big Wong on Urbanspoon

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