Má Pêche, New York


I have been keenly awaiting to someday try food from David Chang’s Momofuku. Tonight was the night this would finally happen, and it was cool!


The atmosphere at Má Pêche is soft and simplistic, with golden sheets draped on the walls from top to bottom. The colors all revolve around the color of peach. It could be relaxing and romantic, but it can also be bustling loudly during their busy times. Before coming here I thought it would be very formal, but upon arrival it seemed to be much more relaxed, and some reviewers have described it as “hipster”. There was no uniform for the servers, so this reinforced the vibe even more.


We all decided to share our plates. There was no flash photography allowed, so the colors are a bit warmer than reality, but here’s what we had:

(The menu is known to change often, so what you see here might not always be available)

Octopus confit (black garlic, olive oil, horseradish)


This was good, and I could really taste the olive oil. It wasn’t too chewy, however, it was not so memorable as I can’t remember it’s precise flavor.

Foie gras terrine – Hudson Valley, NY (sarsaparilla, malt, brioche)

IMG_4485This was GOOD. The foie gras melts in your mouth, and the little nut crunchies plus the caramel-taffy sweetness really accentuate the plate. It’s sort of like the foie gras was made into a malt (like the candy). It may not be your thing if it’s your first time trying this savory delicacy, but to me it tastes fantastic! The mini brioche is a nice touch.

Roasted duck – Jurgielewicz Farm, PA (orange, pistacio, rutabaga)

IMG_4489This was good. Very tender and cooked just right! It also came with a duck sausage, which I found to slightly resemble duck pâté, but more meaty and not so pasty.

Soft shell crab buns (ginger-scallion, calabrian chili, cilantro)


These were out of this world!! So delicious. When you first bite into it, you will go mmmmmm, but deeper inside is where the sauce lies, and that will make you go wow. It just goes perfectly with the soft shell crab, and there’s not really anything that you can compare it to. You must try these!

Pork belly buns (hoisin, cucumber, scallion)


Since these are one of Chang’s signature specialties, I expected a lot from these. To be honest, I thought the soft shell crab buns were at least half times better. Don’t get me wrong, they were still good, but not outstanding. I think there should have been a little more sauce and dill flavor from the cucumber. The meat was good, but didn’t “melt in your mouth”. For both these buns, you can spice them up with a bottle of hot sauce that is brought along the plates.

Spanish mackerel (romaine, tofu, brown butter)


Our waitress recommended this. Like the foie gras, it was really sweet and taffy like – but way more. It almost tasted like burnt sugar, except for it was really salty as well. The romaine seemed like it was drenched in a high density syrupy sauce, and then crisped for a second. As for the mackerel, it was fresh, and somehow the rock salt helped keep it’s flavor within the powerful caramelized sauce. Good to try once.

Fried chicken (chili, vinegar, sesame)


Said to be a Má Pêche specialty, I hoped for a lot. An appetizingly delicious smell of spicy-but-sweet was diffusing from the chicken by the time it reached our table. Very big portion – 10 pieces an order. The skin is great; enough crunchiness, very tasty, and mostly what I expected by the smell of it. It’s also mildly spicy. As for the meat on the inside, well, it was not as mind-blowing as I hoped, but still good.

For dessert, we headed to the Milk Bar. See post here.

Overall, I think that this was a really cool experience. Hopefully I’ll have time and the luck to get a spot at his Noodle Bar and try the ramen!!

Overall rating:


See more at:
Ma Peche on Urbanspoon

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  1. Mimi Tang says:

    Great job Alexus but you forgot to add the price of each meal!

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