Mooncake Foods, New York, NY

After our arrival in the big city, we headed for a quick snack between lunch and dinner at Mooncake Foods in Soho (the original location among the other three). This restaurant’s specialty is “fun casual Asian comfort,” which I think is very creative.

The atmosphere has character; with an open kitchen,  vibe, and a pretty limited amount of seating, this place resembles a small old “Asian diner”.

Our waitress was nice, but from this place you shouldn’t be expecting much. Now onto the food. We had:

Peashoot and garlic dumplings – $6.50


These were not what I was expecting.  I thought these dumplings were going to be softer and have more of a mashed inside. The pea shoots were chewy and got a bit stuck in my teeth. I’d highly suggest this if you’re a vegetarian; in this case I’d say it has great flavor. On the plus side, I really like the sauce it came with (some sort of spicy ponzu with chopped green onions). Another plus is that there are many pieces, so it has good value.

Crawfish dumplings – $6.50


Like the peashoot dumplings, the crawfish dumplings came with the tasty sauce. The inside of these I can’t clearly recall, but I do remember them having a bit of a different pasty taste. I didn’t love them, however, I think the texture of the wrapper was nice as it seemed to be boiled perfectly.

Lobster Mango Summer Rolls – $8.50


When you pop one of these rolls into your mouth, you taste the sourness of the sauce, the sweet mango, the chewy lobster and the fresh arugula. It was okay. Interesting taste and I like the uniqueness of the ingredients together, but I wouldn’t order this again.

– alyssabtang

I think that these were chewy and the wrapper wasn’t completely soaked properly as it was dry and hard at some parts. The mango wasn’t too sweet, and the arugula didn’t add anything special.

– alexustang

Vietnamese Pork Meatball Hero – $8.00Image

I would like to also mention this because my dad said it was really really good and tasty!

Overall, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant is original and seems to be really healthy. If I ever come back, I want to try one of their salads – I’ve heard they’re the best, and this is what I saw many people eating in the restaurant.






See more at:
Mooncake Foods on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Mooncake Foods, New York, NY

  1. Mimi Tang says:

    Doesn’t seem like you guys like this restaurant and not inviting! Love, Mah

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