Smack Dab at Manteo Resort, Kelowna, BC

Kelowna is the perfect place to visit while the sun still burns. Briefly a four hour and thirty minute drive from Vancouver. An ideal family road trip (which is exactly what my family and I did). While there, we ate at Smack Dab, a restaurant at the Manteo Resort. Outside on their patio, the view was stunning. The sky was this incredibly beautiful shade of bright blue. Obviously we sat outside, we’d be naive to do otherwise.

The view 


Fish Tacones 


 This was a refreshing dish. I loved the freshness that all the ingredients had. The shredded cabbage had a nice crunch, while the pan seared cod was soft and moist. I encourage you to squeeze the lime because it compliments everything and adds a zing of flavor.

Margherita Pizza


This was delicious. I appreciate that the crust is handmade, the ingredients are high quality and the pizza is cooked in a gas fired forno. The melted cheese is so tasty  and the tomato sauce is sweet. Definitely much better than any fast food pizza.


The view was great and the food was exceptionally good too. The atmosphere at the restaurant was laid back and happy. The service wasn’t anything like a Michelin-rated restaurant (not good or bad).



See more at:
Smack DAB on Urbanspoon

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