Mosaic Bar and Grille

Mosaic Bar & Grille is located inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We opted for the Japanese Inspired Chef’s Tasting Menu. At $45, it was a bargain tasting menu for dinner by world standards.

The first dish was “Chilled Haidi Gwaii Kombu & Bacon Dashi – pickled daikon, and 62 degree beet egg”.  The dish was visually appealing, very creative, and quite tasty.  I thought that all the ingredients worked well together, and the egg was still creamy.

Vancouver-20130530-03496 Vancouver-20130530-03497

The second dish was a “Sashimi of Copper River Sockeye – watermelon radish, cucumber, sudachi marugoto shibori dressing”.  The chef informed us that this was the first Copper River Sockeye of the season.  The dish was very nicely presented.  The color of the fish indicated FRESH and the taste matched this assessment.  The soy sauce “caviar’ was a nice touch.  Excellent dish.


The third dish was “Charcoal Tempura Spot Prawns – house-made pickled ginger, wasabi chips”.  When I saw this dish on the menu, I was excited because spot prawns are in season.  However, I do not believe this dish was as impressive as the previous two dishes.  I would have preferred if the prawns were not battered, and their flavor was left alone to shine given that they are in season.  Taste was ok, but again, the highlight ingredient, the prawns, did not shine.  Still a creative dish.


The next dish was “Gelderman Farms Pork Katsu-Don – miso marinade, steamed nori rice, and cabbage salad”.  I was least impressed with this dish because it was such a departure from the other dishes.  I felt that it lacked creativity.  Yes, the pork was good and obviously of high quality (tender etc), but again, I would have preferred it to not be breaded and let it shine on its own.  I could not taste the miso marinade.  The first two dishes started so strong in terms of creativity, presentation, and taste, but unfortunately, the meal did not finish that way.


The dessert was “Green Tea & White Chocolate Panna Cotta – ginger rice streusel and white chocolate bark”.  As you will see in the picture below, the dessert finished more strongly, and inline with the first two dishes in the presentation and creativity department.  The panna cotta was good.  The ginger rice streusel was a bit of an odd taste and the chocolate bark was average.


Overall, for a hotel restaurant, the presentation and food was actually good.  The price for what was received was great.  Service was good.  In comparison to other tasting menus globally, I would consider this OK.  I would probably go back when the tasting menu changes just out of curiosity.  A far better tasting menu at a hotel restaurant for a similar price can be had at Diva at the Met.

overall rating 6.5/10
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