Maurya,Vancouver, Canada

The atmosphere 

Maurya is a big restaurant. With an open space, nice decor and a gorgeous indian styled ceiling. My family and I were the only ones eating, so it was fairly quiet.

Dishes we ate:

Chicken Pakora, Indian style butter fried chicken breast- 10.95$


This is one of my favourite dishes to get when at an Indian restaurant. I’m usually not the biggest fan of chicken, but I love this one due to the sauce. It really is buttery, and very creamy. A very delicious taste.

Basmati Rice Pulao  (Aromatic basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds) – $3.95 


I found that this rice had very similar  taste to thai rice. Although, the only difference is that the thai rice is stickier than Indian rice. The yellow rice has saffron in it, but it doesn’t have a strong taste. Also, this rice is longer than thai rice. Rice is an essential part of eating butter chicken, because they go well together like peas in a pod. Without this rice, the butter chicken would be too rich, but with the rice, everything’s balanced. I recommend ordering this with butter chicken.

Naan (royale Indian leavened bread baked in the Tandoor oven) – 2.45$


I love this warm bread. It’s soft and has a nice amount of butter. Has a very subtle taste and kind of plain- but still good. What I really enjoy, is to dip this in the butter chicken sauce – yum!


If your looking for the best meal to dine at an Indian restaurant, make sure to order naan bread, meat and rice, because they all compliment each other. For example, the butter chicken sauce makes the naan bread tastier and the rice balances the butter chicken so it’s not too rich. The service was pretty good, but maybe that’s just because we were the only ones in the restaurant. The restaurant was a nice place to eat and it was very big inside. The food was good too. I need to go back and try more dishes though, because  this time I just went for a small meal.



See more at: 

Maurya Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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