28 Go – Las Vegas, Nevada

We went to this restaurant across the street from UNLV around 3PM. Restaurants located near campuses cater to students so you can count on two things usually: #1 fun atmosphere and #2 cheap prices. When we arrived it was happy hour. The place had a foosball table, tranformers on the wall, and chairs that looked like tuxedos.  Nice clean atmosphere and they were blasting old school Jay-Z and Mase – nice.  We were the only ones there.

photo 1

We started off with “Shrimp Waffle Yaki”.  WOW!  It sounds weird, but let me tell you, this dish was perfectly executed and the right balance of sweet and savory, soft and crunchy, and then a hint of wasabi.  I think this was their interpretation of a takoyaki.  Anyway, the shrimp is buried in the waffle.  You take a bite and you taste the sweet soy glaze, crunchy then soft waffle, then the shrimp, and then that slight hint of heat from the Wasabi Aioli.  Awesome.

photo 2

Next up was the Belly Rice.  A brick of steamed rice topped with braised pork belly, seaweed, green onions, and their “signature belly sauce”.  Another wow moment.  The pork was perfectly fall apart tender and bursting with flavor.  The seaweed and green onions added just the right amount of compliment and the sauce just sent everything into heaven combined with the rice.

photo 3

The last item was not on the menu but the server mentioned about it.  A yellowfin tuna rice bowl with salad.  The tuna was prepared in a Hawaiian Poke style.  The salad had the wasabi aioli I believe and balsamic red wine vinaigrette.  Everything worked well together.


Service at this place was excellent though I don’t know how it would be when full/busy.  We had a bottle of sake to go along with everything.  The best part is the total, which was $24 with the happy hour discount.  I have had worse food at Michelin starred places.  Don’t just go here…..run here.

Overall rating 9/10

See more at:

28GO The Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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