The Truffle House and Cafe, Vancouver, Canada

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. My parents and I happened to stumble across a cute little french café located in West Vancouver. As we walked in, I immediately smelled the aroma of spectacular mouthwatering truffles. Yum! Truffles are rare, and they are a respected ingredient in France. They are known for being one of the most expensive food items in the world. The reason being is due to the fact that it cannot be cultivated by humans whatsoever, and can only be found by specially trained dogs.

Truffle Crepe (black truffle puree, baby spinach, mushroom cream sauce, white truffle oil) – 13$ 


This was a yummy crepe. It was warm, soft and thin. With a sweet taste and a strong flavor of truffle- it was unique! This dish was a bit filling and the sauce inside was a little overpowering. I wasn’t too fond of the spinach either, because I thought they put too much of it in the dish. Truffle has a particular taste. After trying a truffle, whenever you smell the scent, you automatically know that it’s a truffle. I love eating truffle and this was the first time I’ve ever eaten a truffle crepe. I just loved how they incorporated truffle into a crepe.


Overall this was a nice place to eat breakfast. It was a clean restaurant and the crepe I ate was pretty good. The service could have been better though.



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