White Heather Tea Room, Victoria, BC, Canada


Today we had afternoon tea at White Heather Tea Room. It’s cute and dainty, decorated with spring colours and elegant teapots and teacups. I had a great experience here; our waitress was very friendly, and I had a lot of fun. I just couldn’t decide between all the appealing varieties of tea!!


Each setting already had a teacup in place. We each got to chose from their wide selection of teas, and I ended up with the:

Angel’s Blend (heavenly tea with maple sweetness, blackberry pungency, juicy assams, and a hint of mystery green tea. Take wing and fly)


This tea was good. I’m not a tea expert, so I can’t really tell you about the quality and all that, but I thought it smelled nice. I think there was a slight rubbery aftertaste (when your tongue feels coated in latex powder kind-of-feeling), but a lot of teas seem to have this tendency anyways.

A real treat that I’m soo glad we tried was the Nutcracker (papaya, candy, and almond). This is one of their holiday teas, so it wasn’t mentioned on the menu, but due to popularity they brought it back. Luckily, our waitress recommended it, and afterwards we even bought a bag of the loose-leaf! It’s honestly so delicious, and unusually tasty for a tea. The smell is amazing. A M A Z I N G.

To make it easy, we had the three-tiered…

The Big Muckle Giant Tea for Two (a refreshing fruit cup, selection of tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones and delicious preserves, lemon curd and cream, smoked salmon and creamed cheese, mini sconewiches and with pepper jelly, savoury mini quiche, cheese crispies with cream cheese and apple, savoury treat of the day, wonderful selection of fresh baking)  $52.00 except we had three people (additional $26.00/person)


The fresh fruit came before the rest of the meal. It was not outstandingly fresh, but it was sweet. I feel like the peaches came from a can because they had a very viscid consistency as well as the grapes. Maybe they were just drenched in sweet syrup though.


This was a lot of food! We only got to finish up to half of the second plate before we decided to take the rest to go. Too bad cause I would have loved to just relax in the tearoom.


This first bottom plate was full of scones, mini cheese scone-cookies, and a very delicious (asparagus?) quiche purée with red pepper jelly. The scones were apricot/ginger, and blueberry flavors. They came with a sort of crème fraîche, lemon, and raspberry preserve jelly. I really enjoyed the cheese scone because it was small but very flavorful. It had a very nice crumble to it. The scones were good, but I’m never a big fan of these. The sauces made them taste very fresh. The asparagus quiche purée was also very delicious!


This was filled with the soft tea sandwiches and a creamed cheese & smoked salmon scone sandwich. All very good. It was unique because they were like “sushi” sandwich rolls – the bread acts like seaweed. It was squishy-soft and enjoyable. Very comforting and yummy. I love the sandwich ingredients like the cucumber, egg, and tuna.


Here is the dessert portion! We took it to go, but they were still very good when he had them later that night. The shortbread doughs were very dense, and not too sweet. The chocolate was especially good, I loved the rich icing.


I had a great time. The environment was sunny and cheery, elegant but not too formal. The only other afternoon (high) tea I’ve had was back in 2011 at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai :) Reassuringly, a local couple beside us said that this is the “best afternoon tea spot in Victoria,” beating out the pricy Fairmont Empress experience. I would definitely come back to this cute tea spot!!



See more at:

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