Flying Otter Grill, Victoria, Canada

As we roam the streets of Victoria, a gust of wind blows my hair, turning my cheeks rosy and my hands cold. My belly grumbles, begging me for delicious food. Finally, we arrive at a fun, laid back, casual restaurant. We decide to dine outside, and to my surprise it was very delightful because a heater supplied warmth. Grayish-blue saltwater floats peacefully as sail boats dance silently. Just as the sun is about to set, you snap a memorable picture, realizing how beautiful the view is.


Food I ate:

Moules Frites


This was good. The locally caught mussels had a great sea-like taste and big mussel flavor. The broth was warm, creamy, sweet from the onions and red peppers. It went amazingly with the house cut fries.

Tuna Tataki


This was good but mainly because the  sambal-soy sauce was tasty. The tuna wasn’t that delicious – I’ve had way fresher before. If only the tuna tasted like it had been fished that day, I probably would have really enjoyed this one. Wouldn’t come to this restaurant for sushi-like things. In sushi, I look for the freshest fish, not the tastiest sauce.

Fish and Chips


This is what we came here for. I love fish and chips, and this one tasted exactly like what Fish and Chips are supposed to taste like!! The only thing is, I wasn’t wowed by this dish. It’s not the best Fish and Chips I’ve had, but it is still pretty great. It was moderately crunchy on the outside – a bit soggy, but still manageably good – and fall-apart-fish on the inside. I didn’t find that the fish was the freshest, so that’s probably the reason for it not being incredibly tasty. On the other hand, the batter tastes great!


One thing I really liked about eating here was the view. It was so nice to just sit out and admire nature. Gorgeous sight to see. The food was pretty good for a touristy kinda place, at least that’s what I think the restaurant is marketing towards. The service wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad.



See more at:

Flying Otter Grill on Urbanspoon

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