Ferris’ Upstairs Oyster Bar, Victoria, BC, Canada


Hello everyone! It’s our first night in Victoria, and I’m so excited to blog about our amazing food experiences. Craving fresh oysters, we headed to Ferris’. We’d heard great reviews on this place, and decided to give it a try.

We were seated at the bar, which was great because we didn’t have to wait! I’m 15 (Alyssa is 14) but we were still allowed. Yay. The ambience was very dim and cozy.. The wooden floors give a nice homey feel. The brick walls add a nice touch as well.


**Note these details: sitting at the bar, you can see what is basically their kitchen right in front of you. They have their grill, ingredients, sink etc. all behind the counter. I got to watch my food being prepared, and it all looked amazing. The 2 ladies behind the counter were very nice and friendly – all smiles.

The only minor problem was that the server took a long time coming around. We wanted to order more, but had to wait long for him to return, so despite the amazing flavors, we decided to try somewhere else. Then again they are a very busy restaurant, and he was also working as the bartender. I didn’t really mind because I was satisfied with my oyster craving – among the deliciousness, and we found an amazing pizzeria – Famoso’s!!

For a refreshing start after a long walk around downtown, I had the Mango Lassi


I’m not exaggerating – this drink is delicious! The yogurt adds a great creaminess to the zesty and zingy mango-orange taste. The mint totally just completes the whole thing. The flavors are really popping here! It’s a very unique, exotic, and fun drink. Yum yum yum.

Not deciding what to get, we all decided to share a few appealing tapas.

Baked scallops (with crispy proscuitto, creamed leeks & truffle oil)


This dish has a wow factor. I think every component compliments each-other, and it all tastes so wonderful. It’s interesting that the proscuitto is crispy, meaning that it’s cooked. It tastes like very salty bacon, but goes extremely well with the scallops and the creamy sauce. The thing about the sauce, is that it isn’t too heavy. It’s the light kind of creamy, and the sliced leaks add a very nice smooth texture, without it being too saucy. It’s almost like a velvety cream texture! The scallops seem like they’re folded into this fantastic sauce, and blend in perfectly, adding a nice sophisticated seafood taste. The truffle is just the perfect touch. If you go here you should definitely try this – they are probably very popular here, as I even noticed that the chefs were making a lot of these!

Steamed local clams & mussels (with fresh thyme, shallots, diced tomato, garlic & white wine)


There was so much tasty flavor in this bowl of fresh seafood. Probably some of the best mussels and clams I’ve had, they represented a perfect ocean taste. Very delicious broth, perfect for dipping bread – which I’d like to mention was so warm, soft, gooey, and fresh-out-the-oven! What else can I say? This is delicious, and everything you’d expect as far as fresh seafood goes.

Prawns & chorizo sausage (whiteleg prawns baked with chorizo, potatoes, smoked paprika & olive oil)


Hehehe I also really enjoyed this dish. The seafood was fresh – as I’ve already mentioned, and the sauce was not too overpowering. Definitely not the best of our dishes, but still very good.

We finished with the satisfaction of a dozen fresh shucked oysters (with sherry mignonette, and fresh horseradish)!


Tasty and fresh. It’s cool because I actually say the process of shucking the oysters, so I know they’re fresh. After all, we’re in Victoria. The seafood should be fresh because they’re so close to the ocean. Nothing much to say about these, but note  that I have had better!


I was so happy with our meal, and it was not filling at all! Everything was SO delicious. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. Great atmosphere, and very nice people.



See more at:
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