Coast, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Today for lunch we went to Coast on Alberni. It’s a restaurant very close to a lot of other restaurants, in an area bustling with busy people. They are one of the many restaurants a part of Glowbal group restaurants. The atmosphere was very fun and loud. I liked the decorations, and everything was clean and decorated nicely. It seems like a really good place for a nighttime setting!

The specialty here is seafood (if you couldn’t tell). They are rated #18 best restaurant in Vancouver on TripAdvisor. Walking in, it was very busy and seemed promising. I definitely liked the setting, but sadly the food didn’t meet up with expectations. I guess I was just hoping for more. Everything on the menu sounded amazing! I couldn’t decide what to order. Here’s what I ended up sharing with Alyssa:

Ahi Tuna Tataki (seared ahi tuna, sliced sweet onion, ponzu sauce) – $16.50


I was kind of disappointed with this. First, it took forever to come out! And there aren’t even a lot of fish pieces. Also, all the sauce was on the bottom underneath everything, and there wasn’t much of it. It was probably all soaked up from the breaded crumbs that came on the side – which were interesting – so dipping the fish was not very successful. Although reasonably fresh, it was not that delicious! Wouldn’t order it again, and probably could have gotten it way better somewhere else, for a cheaper price was well.

Mango california roll (dungeness crab, avocado) – $14.95


This was my favorite of the things that we ordered. It was really good! The mango tastes great on top of the california roll, and the saffron is a cool touch. The only thing is that the mango could have been a bit fresher; it was a little tough and dry. The cali roll was not the best I’ve had, but was still good – nice and simple presentation!

Smoked salmon flat bread (dill crème fraîche, red onion, caper) – $14.95


I didn’t like this!! My mom actually ordered it, and I got to try one. She didn’t like it either! It was strangely bland – I know right; how can smoked salmon be bland?! Well, I don’t quite know, but I just thought that they could have made it much tastier. I feel like the greens didn’t add much flavor either. All I could really taste was the onions. The spread underneath was hardly noticeable – maybe cream cheese would be better. The bread wasn’t warm… but at least it was soft and fluffy-ish.


There’s no doubt that the atmosphere was great. Our waitress and server were nice, but our food took soooo long to come out – slightly understandable since they were super busy. The food was not outstanding for 18th on Trip Advisor! Don’t get me wrong, it was a good meal, but I could have probably been more satisfied eating a nice hot bowl of pho. Next time I shoudl probably try ordering more popular things from the menu – but these sounded good for my cravings. Maybe I’ll return sometime for dinner, and hopefully the food will be much more spectacular.

In the meantime I’ll be talking about different restaurants in Victoria – we’re headed there today. Stay tuned for tasty updates and exciting reviews!!



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