The Ascot – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Today for my grandma’s birthday we had lunch at The Ascot. I wasn’t expecting much; we just happened to walk past it on our way to Finch’s, after sadly realizing that they were much too busy. Well after our lunch date, I’d say never mind to my old expectations!


When we first walked in, I suddenly felt a vintage antique vibe. The walls had these really cool pictures that looked like the well-known “Keep calm” sayings, except the writing was in unreadable white dots. Even the walls had a sort of old, washed out look. It was like acid had burned holes through various different colours of wallpapers, giving a very cool look. The chandeliers add such a great touch. The bar is placed in just the right spot, everything looks great. All in all, The Ascot gives an old vintage but at the same time hip feel, with lots of character – I can only imagine this setting at night!


We were told to sit anywhere we like, so we sat in a booth. There is also good variety of the bar, a coffee table (might only be for waiting though), high sitting stools around a tall table, or just your regular chairs with a table. Nice how you get a broad selection. Anyways, they mostly had sandwiches on their menu, and I went with the special. This included a sandwich of your choice (of the rights side of the menu), and salad or the soup of the day -broccoli and blue cheese.

Ploughman’s Sandwhich (cured meat, artisan cheese, house pickles on a ciabatta bun) – $11.00


As I was only expecting a mediocre, tryhard sandwich, I was pretty wrong. This sandwich was actually good and even the plain looking salad was refreshing with its vinaigrette dressing. The sandwich’s meat went super well with the complex cheese. The bread’s texture was good enough to match it’s contents. It wasn’t amazing, but much better than I expected. The sauce they used was really tasty too.


As for the soup, I was expecting something creamier – it was a bit watery. The texture was also kind of wierd – lumpy but not because of the broccoli..? You couldn’t really taste that it was made from “blue cheese”, not to mention any cheesiness at all. Satisfactory, if anything.


Service was good – our waiter was very cheery. Setting is very cool and could be intense – I’d like to see it busy during nighttime! Food was better than I thought it would be – actually quite good. There’s no doubt I’ll be coming back for more, at least after I’ve tried all the other wonderful places in Vancouver.



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