Brazza, Vancouver BC, Canada

This is a review on the Gelato place in North Vancouver.

After a long dinner on a Saturday night, when your bellies are full and your heart is filled with joy, you suddenly have a craving for a delicious cold dessert. When you first arrive at the Gelateria, Brazza, you notice that the area is very homey with comfy couches and squared coffee tables. A painting of the beautiful city of Venice hangs firmly on the wall.

The Gelato I consumed:



This is the bubblegum flavor. I really enjoyed the soft texture of the cool ice cream when it hit my hungry tongue. It satisfied my taste buds and filled them with delight. It was a really good gelato, better than the supposedly “Best Gelato in the world” – located in downtown Vancouver.


Pretty delicious, and great for a sweet snack.



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Brazza Gelato & Coffee on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Brazza, Vancouver BC, Canada

  1. They have awesome coffee art too!

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