Sushi Station – North Vancouver BC, Canada

This was a casual and cheap sushi restaurant to eat at. When we arrived, the place was empty (just my family in the restaurant),the atmosphere was quiet, open, and it was decent looking (not nice nor ugly). I don’t recall hearing music. The service wasn’t fantastic, but the food arrived quickly enough.

Some sushi I ate:

Mexican Roll


This roll was very tasty. The sauce was great (mayonnaise went nicely with fish), the fish was good and I enjoyed that the roll’s weren’t too big like some sushi restaurants make them (too big makes the roll not bitesizeable, which results in not tasting all the ingridients and flavors at once (not as tasty)).

Rainbow Roll


This roll wasn’t good. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of California rolls, and in this case it was like a California roll, but with fish (tuna or salmon) on top. Even thought this roll had raw fish, I still found the flavor of this boring and plain. It’s like filling your impatient bellies with unneeded distasteful food. It’s a waste, because why eat decent when you can eat great? This roll was just “ok”.


Overall I think this restaurant was a great place to eat if your looking to dine at a low key, non-fancy kinda place. The food is good (not amazing though) and cheap. If I was looking for some regular sushi place (not expensive), this restaurant would be a good fit. The service isn’t terrible or awesome. It’s average. It’s not a bad looking place (dirty) at all. It’s normal looking. If I could describe this sushi restaurant in a word it would be, average.



See more at:

Sushi Station on Urbanspoon

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