Leisure Tea, Richmond, BC, Canada


This is a tea lounge in Richmond, which is a city crowded with many Asian influences – typically Chinese. The city is relatively close to Vancouver and is worth the drive because you can experience authentic Chinese food (like the bubble tea). Richmond is unique, because it’s as if your in China even though your in Canada. The reason being is due to the population of Chinese people. At every corner of the city you see Chinese characters (writing), traditional dishes, the language being spoken, and you can even smell some Chinese medicine. Visiting Richmond is an awesome experience.

Eating on Sunday’s 

On Sundays’s don’t be surprised that a Chinese restaurant or tea lounge is filled with families because that’s when most Chinese family’s eat out. They eat/drink on a Sunday because that’s how they keep their family values and it’s apart of Chinese culture.

Bubble Tea History

Bubble tea is actually from Taiwan. It’s fairly new (not traditional but popular). The first bubble tea created was in the 1980’s. Most bubble tea comes with tiny chewy tapioca balls which go with the drink, also known as pearls. It can be served hot or cold.

Chocolate Bubble Tea


This beverage wasn’t too rich with chocolate, sugary or thick. It was fairly hot at first so be cautious. The tea was nothing great. There’s definitely better chocolate bubble tea than this one, but it was ok. It wasn’t bad nor good.

Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken 


This chicken was really good. That first bite when you dig your hungry teeth into the tender flavoured skin, the warmth of it and the taste is just so… tasty. It’s great for a yummy snack and 1000 times better than McDonald’s nuggets.  It’s not too spicy but it works it’s way up after every bite. Ordered this twice in one visit!


The service was decent (average), the bubble tea was average as well but the chicken was delicious. Together the Chinese chicken and the bubble tea taste well together. It’s definitely a good place to go for late night eating and it has a homey comfortable feel to it.



See more at:
Leisure Tea & Coffee on Urbanspoon

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