Scarpetta, Las Vegas


The lights are dim, the music is low, the view is beautiful, the restaurant is modern, and people are dressed formal in Scarpetta.



This was a delicious bread! I loved the taste of the warm bread with the melted cheese and the meat inside – amazing! One of the best breads I’ve had.

For starters:

Tuna ‘Susci’ (marinated vegetables & preserved truffles) – $18


This was really good. The tuna was fresh, and so were the vegetables. You could taste the preserved truffles well, and I thought it was a light starter. I liked eating this dish.


Duck and foie gras ravioli (marsala reduction) – $27


This was so good! It was perfect. Everything is quality. For example, the marsala has been aged for 40 years! The best part though, was obviously the foie gras and the duck. The foie gras was creamy and the duck was soft. Enjoyed eating this so much!


Kumquat pudding cake (pistachio tulle, candied kumquat, cardamom gelato & kumquat purée) – $11


I didn’t really like this dessert. The cake was too sweet, and the ice cream was just as sugary as the cake. Something was too strong, I guess it was the kumquat because the taste was so overpowering. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. It looked cool though.


The presentations were all lovely and the restaurant was very nice with a spectacular view. The service was very good as well, but not fantastic like a Michelin Star restaurant. The food was great!



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