Sushi Samba, Las Vegas

Today we had an early dinner at Sushi Samba, Las Vegas. It was a delicious meal from start to finish. The atmosphere was inviting, and fun. The dinnerware matched the trendy warm decor. Service was good, but nothing outstanding.

Kanpachi (yuzu, sea salt, black truffle oil) – $17.00


Alexus: This was very good. It tasted fresh, and had a strong lemony zing. There was a small oily fish aftertaste that made the flavour stay. The truffle was very faint, or maybe because I wasn’t aware of the ingredient until after I put the fish in my mouth. Nevertheless, this was yummy.

Alyssa: This had a fascinating presentation. With it’s glowing like sauce and beautiful strips it was fresh as well as sour due to the sauce. The fish was so good! It was a really refreshing dish because the hint of sourness somehow made my tastebuds wake up. In all it was a great awakening fresh dish!

Sawagani (flash fried japanese river crab) – $13.00


Alexus: This was such an interesting dish. They look like the little crabs you would find on the beach! At first attempt, I put the whole crab in my mouth. I soon realized that the legs are very sharp and this would not be possible. Anyways, the shell is actually very hard, and very crunchy at the bite. The meatiest parts are the claws and the body, I wasn’t very aware of the crabby taste because it’s so crunchy. It’s a good thing to try because it’s so unique – never seen this before!

Alyssa: This dish was amusing to look at. The miniature crabs look as if they’re alive. It has such a uncommon  presentation because as you can see in the picture, the crabs are literally there with there claws and shell (and you eat all of it). The texture of the crabs are crunchy and in the middle it’s juicy and tasty. I really adore this dish because it has a rare appearance and it tastes great as well!

Seared wagyu beef (ponzu gelée, warm japanese mushroom, truffled tofu crema) – $18


Alexus: Another amazing dish. Everything goes together fantastically; the truffle adds a superb flavor. The meat is soft, chill, marbled, and cut just right. The mushrooms and sauces add the perfect balance for tasty delightfulness.

Alyssa: This was a spectacular dish. First of all, the meat was so good! You can tell it was quality meat and each slice was so delicate and flavourful. The sauce went well with it and so did the mushrooms. I would definitely order this dish again, it was great!

Sea bass (miso) – $17.00


Alexus: This was such a tasty dish ☺. There was a faintly smoked taste which accented the strong salty sauce. It falls apart easily in your mouth, and the moist texture is excellent. The peruvian corn is interesting. It has a starchy taste, similar to a potato. Delicious!

Alyssa: This dish was so flavourful! You can really taste the miso sauce, and it paired nicely with the sea bass. Each bite was really easy to chew and it had a smooth, soft texture. The corn had a good taste of cilantro which was interesting yet yummy! Loved eating this! It was a memorable sea bass.

Shishito (grilled spicy pepper, sea salt, lemon) – $9.00


Alexus: I didn’t exactly love this. The green pepper tastiness is there, but I thought it was thin and flaky (especially) when it came to the burnt parts – which there was a lot of. I didn’t love the texture, and the burned taste was not too appealing. Maybe this dish just wasn’t for me. At least the lemon added a good sour accent. Also, I didn’t taste any spice (I think only some peppers were spicy).

Alyssa: This wasn’t what I expected. I was disappointed because the taste wasn’t great. The peppers were oily, a bit sour and a bit salty. It was decent but I wouldn’t order this dish again. There was also nothing great about the presentation and I would’ve liked it more if the peppers were crunchy instead of soggy.

Yamato (tuna, foie gras, osetra caviar, gold leaf) – $19.00


Alexus: This is a roll to treasure. The foie gras adds a nice buttery texture, and has a sweet burnt smoked taste with a tiny crunch – made me kinda think of smores. The tuna and foie gras go greatly; fresh but warm at the same time. I think I even tasted a hint of something like mint. Such a complex mix of flavors, but it’s so delicous. The gold flecks look so pretty. Be sure to try this! You will melt.

Alyssa: This is such a unique combination of ingredients. A simple traditional roll transformed into a unique roll with foie gras, raw tuna and specs of gold! The foie gras and tuna went surprisingly well together. They taste great because the temperature of the warm foie gras balanced the kinda cold temperature of the fish! The sauce they used was genius and I really liked eating this dish! It’s amazing!

Spicy yellowtail hand roll – $8.00 ea.


Alexus: Although it’s pretty spicy, this cone is great! The not-too-oily tuna is sooo fresh and chewable. The rice they use has the right taste of vinegar, and the texture is nice. Also, the crunch is good enough, but much softer towards the inside of the cone where it touches the rice. Looking at the picture makes me want more!

Alyssa: Where do I start? This spicy tuna cone was so unbelievably good! The fresh delicious tuna and the spicy sauce are just magical together. The seaweed is the best because it’s so crunchy and not soggy at all! I enjoyed eating this so much I got seconds. If you love spicy tuna get this because it was definitely the tastiest spicy tuna cone I’ve ever eaten! Yum!

Avocado panna cotta (strawberry coulis, fresh lime-pineapple, white chocolate feuilletine crunch) – $10.00


Alexus: Mmm mmm mmm! This dessert is fantastic. I really loved all the ingredients they used, the taste was phenomenal. The ice cream adds a good cold texture – goes great with the crunchiness. The avocado is creamy, light, and fluffy. The pineapple is fresh and adds a tasty pop of flavor. The strawberry is sweet. There is nothing wrong with this dessert, and everything fits perfectly. It’s amazing, heavenly and delicious.

Alyssa: Gosh this desert was a winner! I really liked this dish because it was  wonderfully refreshing, tasteful and light. The flavors all went perfectly together! Each bite is a sweet treat  for the tongue. Presentation was pretty too.

Samba split for 2 (banana brûlée, doce de leite, coconut mochi, yamazaki cream) – $15


Alexus: This was a creative dessert. I thought it looked like an elegant trail mix. The flavours were on the caramel side – sweet and sticky. The popcorn was a unique component that added chewiness. The banana brûlée was tasty as well. I liked the sugary ice cream and berries. Everything together went well, and everything was very sweet. It had a very comforting feel, but was not as good as the avocado panna cotta! ♥

Alyssa: The presentation in this dish was a delightful sight which looked like the dress of a greek goddess. It was stunning! The warm banana had a crunchy top layer like in a creme brûlée desert, and the cool ice cream complimented it nicely. I enjoyed all the toppings like the berries, popcorn and whip cream. I also recommend sharing this with someone because it’s a pretty big dish. It’s a yummy desert!

Overall, this is a great place. It has a cool atmosphere like a lounge. It’s an open space with interesting decorations. As you can tell, the food is great. The only other thing is the service which is good, but not “flabbergasting”.

We give this a rating of 8.5/10.

See more at:
Sushisamba on Urbanspoon

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