Sage, Las Vegas


Sage is a very nice, new, hip restaurant with a fancy atmosphere and gorgeous table settings. For starters they brought delicious warm bread with salt and butter on the side. One of the breads was bacon, and the other was sourdough. The bacon bread was really good and I liked it more than the sourdough. They also brought a small creamy carrot soup which was amazing.

For starters:

Foie gras custard brûlée


This starting dish was so good! You could really taste the foie gras with each bite. The crunchy thin layer on top was delicious and the parmesan cheese tasted phenominal because it worked well with all the other ingredients. Really enjoyed eating this dish!

Main dish:

Caramelizad fennel ravioli


This main dish was great if you love the seafood taste. Although it was good, I have tried better because I found that the taste was good but not fantastic like the starting dish. If I were to come back to Sage I wouldn’t order this again.

For desert:

Gianduja Pave

This was such a scrumptious desert! I loved eating it. The rich chocolate, the olive oil Ice cream and sour/sweet pomegranate tasted incredible together. To top it off, this dish had basil and it surprisingly tasted really well and matched all the other foods. The presentation was nice as well. I would eat this yummy desert again!

There was also a white chocolate drink which was so good! It was the perfect temperature of warmth and had the precise amount of richness in the chocolate. One of the best chocolate drinks I’ve ever had. Awesome.


The service was pretty fast but not your top high class kinda service.

Overall rate: 8/10

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Sage on Urbanspoon

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